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“Yao-2 rocket”
China’s Galactic Energy Aims to Ramp Up Production, Launches in 2022
Employees stand in front of a Ceres-1 rocket. (Credit: Galactic Energy)

Translated from Chinese via Google Translate

by Wang Yuqing
Galactic Energy Intern

At 12:13 on December 7, 2021, Galactic Energy successfully launched the Ceres-1 (Yao-2) carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and successfully sent five commercial satellites into a 500km sun-synchronous orbit. So far, Galactic Energy has become the first domestic commercial rocket company with the ability to launch multiple satellites with one rocket.

In 2022, Galactic Energy is about to usher in a large-scale launch, that is, 5-6 launch missions, achieving an annual production capacity of 24 rounds. This also means that the final assembly and testing department will face unprecedented challenges. How they will provide guarantee for Galactic Energy to successfully complete the large-scale launch, the focus of this week’s Galactic Magazine is on the final assembly and final testing team.

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  • January 30, 2022