NASA Enters into Multi-Faceted Contract with Vaya Space

COCOA, Fla., July 14, 2022 – Vaya Space, Inc. the vortex-hybrid engine rocket company and emerging leader in sustainable space access, today announced that NASA has entered into a multi-faceted contract with Vaya Space to demonstrate the Company’s technologies and industry-leading engine performance at both the Stennis Space and Kennedy Space Centers.

Vaya Space conducted its inaugural launch earlier this year and has been rapidly expanding its operations and technology suite since that time. The Company received notification of its first patent award earlier this year and has multiple additional patents in progress on its breakthrough technologies that it believes will transform the Commercial Space sector in cost, reliability and safety.


Vaya Space Awarded Awarded Satellite Launch Contract From All2Space

Launch Services Provider Teams with CubeSat Developer and Aggregator 

COCOA, Fla. (Vaya Space PR) — Vaya Space, Inc. the vortex-hybrid engine rocket company and emerging leader in sustainable space access, today announced that All2Space has signed an exclusive contract to launch their satellite constellation with Vaya Space.    

All2Space is CubeSat developer and launch aggregator with Brazilian Space Agency heritage focused on Latin American operations, with plans to develop and manage their own constellation. The signing of agreement between Vaya Space and All2Space will initially focus on the Latin American market, and this contract will further enhance Vaya’s first-mover advantage in the Latin American space industry.     


Vaya Space Signs Protocol of Intent with Brazilian City of Taubaté

Hybrid Rocket Company Expands Manufacturing Plans in Latin America
(Left to Right): Astronaut Marcos Pontes, Vaya Space’s Cristiano Pinto, Brazilian Minister Paulo Alvim, Taubaté mayor José Saud, and other officials at the agreement signing between Vaya Space and the City of Taubaté, Brazil on May 13 (Image Credit: Vaya Space)

Taubaté, Brazil (Vaya Space PR) — On May 13, American space tech company Vaya Space signed a protocol of intent with the Brazilian city of Taubaté. Vaya Space, a provider of hybrid rocket propulsion systems and orbital launch services, will establish a manufacturing presence in Taubaté, a major step in its strategic expansion into Latin America. The company launched its Brazilian subsidiary last year. 


Vaya Space Completes First Suborbital Test Flight

COCOA, Fla., February 16, 2022 (Vaya Space PR) — Vaya Space announced the successful launch of its hybrid rocket from Mojave, California on January 29th, 2022 operating under an existing FAA waiver. The suborbital flight demonstrated its hybrid rocket design using 3D printed fuel grains created from recycled thermoplastics. This launch paves the way for rapid acceleration of Vaya Space’s go-to-market strategy as the Company scales for production, with its first commercial orbital launch planned for 2023.