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Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer Moves To New Role
Mark Geyer, Senior Advisor to the Associate Administrator (Credits: NASA/Bill Stafford)

HOUSTON (NASA PR) — Mark Geyer, director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, is stepping down from his position leading the center to focus more time on his health and family in light of a cancer diagnosis.

“Mark has had an exceptional impact on this agency, leading the nation’s key human spaceflight programs for decades. Under Mark’s leadership, Johnson has moved the United States into a new era of human space exploration,” said NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson. “We’re fortunate to continue to have Mark and his decades of expertise serving the agency in his new role as senior advisor to the associate administrator.”

“It has been my honor to lead the Johnson Space Center team,” Geyer said. “JSC is a group of extremely talented professionals all dedicated to the mission of expanding human exploration of the solar system. The diverse scope of work they accomplished and the challenges they overcame inspired me every day.  I have been so blessed to work here.” 

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  • May 3, 2021