Open Cosmos Signs Contract with ESA to Progress Key Elements of the NanoMagSat Mission Concept

NanoMagSat (Credit: Open Cosmos)

Open Cosmos signs contract with the European Space Agency to progress key elements of the NanoMagSat mission concept: a pioneering small satellite constellation to monitor Earth’s magnetic field and ionospheric environment

  • Through a €5.2m contract with ESA, Open Cosmos, together with IPGP, CEA-Leti, COMET-Ingenieria and University of Oslo are working on activities to de-risk the critical elements of the NanoMagSat mission;
  • The NanoMagSat mission concept is a small satellite constellation aiming at flying a novel suite of instruments to monitor the Earth magnetic field and the ionospheric environment at high revisit times;
  • The magnetic field of the Earth is crucial to life and acts as a shield against incoming energetic charged particles. Identifying and understanding Earth’s magnetic field multiple sources is also essential to aid precise navigation, reveal properties of the shallow and deep Earth, and provide key information for geophysical surveying of minerals;
  • The NanoMagSat mission aims to be a worthy successor of previous missions such as Oersted and CHAMP and ideally complement and extend the measurements of the electromagnetic field beyond the Swarm mission launched in 2013

OXFORD (Open Cosmos PR) — Open Cosmos – the leading SpaceTech startup simplifying access to space to help solve the world’s biggest challenges – is today announcing its latest contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) on the NanoMagSat mission concept.