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Opium and UMA on launching SpaceX insurance Using UMA’s Optimistic Oracle

Opium.Finance Press Release

Summary: Opium and UMA combine their efforts and tools to show how off-chain data can be brought to Ethereum to grow the DeFi ecosystem. UMA’s Optimistic Oracle solution brings real-world data to Blockchain in a seamless, cheap and fast way. Coupled with a Decentralized insurance contract (CDS) of Opium, it shows the potential to create a theoretically limitless number of new products.

UMA was founded by ex-Goldman Sachs bonds traders, and Opium’s founder is a funds manager and derivative trader.

We’ve been saying it over and over: mass adoption is our main goal here at Opium. We relentlessly explore possibilities to make our protocol more robust and transactions faster, cheaper and more convenient to our users. After launching on BSC and Polygon (ex-Matic), we have partnered with Uma to plug in their Optimistic Oracles.


  • Parabolic Arc
  • June 7, 2021