DCUBED to Conduct In-orbit Demonstration of Release Actuator on Maiden Flight of Isar Aerospace’s Spectrum Launch Vehicle

DCUBED Micro Pin Puller uD3PP (Credit: DCUBED)

The two companies from Munich’s thriving space industry are set for a flight together in 2023. DCUBED’s release actuator uD3PP will fly aboard the Spectrum, Isar Aerospace’s two-stage orbital launch vehicle on its first test flight.

LOGAN, Utah, Tuesday, August 9 (DCUBED PR) — Isar Aerospace is Europe’s most promising and most well-funded private European launch service provider for small and medium satellite deployment. The company develops the ‘Spectrum’, a two-stage launch vehicle that offers flexible and cost-efficient access to space and is specifically designed for satellite constellation deployment. With a vertically integrated value chain, Isar Aerospace designs, develops and tests the launch system in-house and builds on a highly automated production and state-of-the-art production technologies like 3D-printing. This way, the company achieves maximum flexibility, speed, and autonomy. The first test flight of the Spectrum is scheduled for 2023 from Andøya, Norway.