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mu Space Unveils New Satellite and Space Factory
Open of mu Space’s new production facility. (Credit: mu Space)

BANGKOK, Thailand (mu Space PR) — Aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider mu Space Corp. has announced and displayed to the public their brand-new satellite, the mu-B200 and the opening of Factory 2 in Bangkok, Thailand at its Satellite Tech Unveil 2021 event, which took place earlier. Factory 2 is the company’s third factory to date and aims to cement the Southeast Asian company as an aerospace leader. mu Space Corp is an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider redefining the aerospace landscape in Southeast Asia. The organization emphasizes the importance of a vertical-integrated approach, meaning that they design, build, and test in-house all their products in order to improve performance and quality while reducing the additional costs of an extensive supply chain.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • October 15, 2021