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“Tronador II”
Argentina Resumes Development of Tronador II/III Satellite Launch Vehicle
Daniel Rocca explains to the delegation the work that is carried out in CEPI facilities. (Credit: Audiovisual Photo/MINCyT Press)

PIPINAS, Argentina (CONAE PR) — Minister Daniel Filmus announced that in 2022 4,500 million pesos [US $44.78 million] will be allocated to relaunch CONAE’s Access to Space program, which includes the manufacture of vehicles to place satellites weighing up to 750 kilos [1,653 lb] into orbit, in addition to the associated auxiliary infrastructure and the launch bases.


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  • November 22, 2021
Argentina Plans First Domestic Satellite Launch

Argentina is looking to join the exclusive club of nations with the capacity to launch its own satellites by 2013. Engineers are now working on the new Tronador II (Thunderer II) , a two-stage rocket that will be capable of launch a 200 kg payload into low-Earth orbit. According to El Argentino, engineering faculty at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata will begin tests on a Tronador prototype next year […]

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  • October 9, 2011