NSS, Space Frontier to Announce Formation of New Space Development Alliance

sff_logoWASHINGTON, D.C. (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) and the National Space Society (NSS) will announce the formation of the Alliance for Space Development (ASD) at a media event on February 25th in Washington, D.C. Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R) and Representative Chaka Fattah (D) will co-host the press conference in the House Space Subcommittee hearing room in the Rayburn office building. The ASD (https://allianceforspacedevelopment.org/) is dedicated to influencing space policy toward the goals of space development and settlement.

At press time, the LifeBoat Foundation, The Mars Society, The Mars Foundation, The Space Development Steering Committee, The Space Tourism Society, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Students on Capitol Hill, Tea Party in Space, and the Texas Space Alliance have joined the ASD.


Texas Space Alliance’s Campaign Includes Development Zones, State Space Agency

Texas Space Alliance ‘Space for Texas’ Campaign
for the 2013 Texas Legislative Session

1. Space Business & Technology Development Zones: Intent – to attract space business to Texas and help develop space flight facilities. All space-related/space-supporting businesses in those zones will have their state Franchise tax reduced significantly, or eliminated.

  • Allocate portion of revenues to education funding & the Texas Spaceport Trust Fund
  • Passes Constitutionality test as it is not a state-wide industry franchise tax exemption
  • Potentially ‘No-Cost’ed as many of these would be new (or expanded) businesses


Texas Space Alliance Unveils 2013 Legislative Agenda

AUSTIN, TX, SEPT 17, 2012 (TXA PR) – The Texas Space Alliance (TXA) is proud to announce our 2013 Texas Legislative Agenda. The TXA began last year with a legislative victory, assisting Blue Origin with a Space Flight Limited Liability Law, and is now ready to help Texas ‘up the ante’ to help achieve goals in space worthy of our Great State. The Limited Liability Law, similar to one passed in Virginia, was a starting point to remake Texas into the undisputed leader in the development of space enterprises at the State level.


Texas Space Alliance Brings Together Governor, Commercial Space Companies

AUSTIN, TX, JULY 18, 2012 (TXA PR) – The Texas Space Alliance (TXA) and the office of the Speaker of the House are pleased to announce the meeting in Austin between Governor Rick Perry and numerous representatives of the nation’s top new commercial space firms. The TXA team brought together representatives from SpaceX, XCOR Aerospace, Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Armadillo Aerospace, NanoRacks, Celestis, and ATK Liberty to talk about the needs of Commercial Space, and what Texas can do to fully embrace and nurture this vital, fledgling new industry.


Texas Space Alliance Names New President

AUSTIN, TX, APR 4, 2012 (TXA PR) – The Texas Space Alliance announced Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Robert Lancaster is assuming the role of President of the organization today. The group worked last year with commercial spaceflight operators, such as Blue Origin, to pass the first space liability protection law in Texas history, and is preparing for a new set of initiatives it will be introducing in the next legislative session.


TXA Urges Texas to Seize the Day on Gulf Coast Spaceport

TXA PR — AUSTIN, TX – The Texas Space Alliance (TXA) urged government leaders at all levels to support efforts to build a Texas Orbital Space Port and redouble any efforts now underway to recruit commercial space firms to operate in Texas and fly from the Lone Star State’s southern coast. Citing high level moves in other states such as Florida and Virginia to recruit these new companies using tax, property, and other incentives, TXA warned Texas could miss an opportunity to become the next Space Coast in competition with Florida, and the potentially billions of dollars and large numbers of jobs such a facility might create.

“There is a narrow and closing window of opportunity right now and if Texas doesn’t act soon, we will lose another chance to not only save space jobs, but create even more with a truly thriving space industry in this state,” commented TXA’s Rick Tumlinson.


TXA to Hutchison: End the SLS Pork, Fund Commercial Space

TXA PR — Austin, TX, AUG 30, 2011 – The Texas Space Alliance (TXA) urged Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and the rest of the Texas Congressional delegation to give their full support to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s call for transferring funding to American spacecraft companies and end plans for a giant “pork” rocket being promoted by the Senator and others.  On Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011, Rep. Rohrabacher (R-CA) boldly called for an emergency funding transfer of NASA’s unobligated funds into their commercial crew program in response to the failure of a Russian Soyuz rocket to deliver a Progress supply freighter to the International Space Station (ISS).

“This funding transfer will rapidly accelerate the progress of American companies currently developing innovative crew and cargo transport vehicles here in the United States – all of which are based in or have significant and expanding operations in Texas,” said TXA’s Rick Tumlinson. “These companies; SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, and Blue Origin are leading a revolution, and they need to see our legislators fighting for them – not against them.”


Texas Space Alliance Aims for Zero Tax Law, Spaceports

Fresh off the passage of a limited liability law protecting spaceflight operators, the Texas Space Alliance (TXA) is aiming for a number of other achievements to help turn the Lone Star State into a magnet for commercial space companies, the non-profit group said in a press release.

With the liability law in place, the TXA is working on a Texas Space Plan that includes important items for improving the space business climate in Texas, including a zero-gravity, zero-tax law (ZGZT) to draw new jobs and industry to Texas, and the development of Space Enterprise Zones and a set of Texas Spaceports. ZGZT has received enthusiastic support from the Chair of the Senate Economic Development Committee – State Senator Mike Jackson (TX-11) and early efforts and interest from Texas Congressmen Larry Taylor (TX-24) and House Economic Development Chair John Davis (TX-129).

“This is the beginning of a new effort on our part to ‘awaken the sleeping giant’ of Texas when it comes to the emerging commercial space industry,” said TXA President Rick Tumlinson. “But we have to move quickly. Other states such as Florida, Virginia and New Mexico are far ahead of us in courting and supporting this potentially multi-billion dollar industry, and if we want a part of it dramatic and determined action will be necessary – as the deals are being cut right now that will determine its future for decades.”