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Google Lunar XPRIZE Selects Five Teams to Compete for $6 Million in Milestone

LOS ANGELES, CA, Feb. 19, 2014 (GLXP PR) — The Google Lunar XPRIZE announced today the five international teams selected as finalists for Milestone Prizes, with a total purse of $6 million to be awarded this year. After reviewing 33 total submissions, the nine member independent judging panel selected 11 submissions from the following teams: Astrobotic (US), Moon Express (US), Hakuto (Japan), Part-Time-Scientists (Germany), and Team Indus (India).

The Milestone Prizes were added to recognize the technological achievements and the associated financial hurdles faced by the teams as they vie for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, a global competition to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon.


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  • February 19, 2014
Team Part-Time-Scientists Joins Google Lunar X PRIZE Competition



Today, Team Part-Time-Scientists announced its official entry into the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition, marking Germany’s debut in this new race to the moon. The team joins the $30 million contest that challenges space professionals and engineers
from across the globe to build and launch a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. The spacecraft must complete a series of exploration and transmission tasks as outlined in the competition’s official rules. Team Part-Time-Scientists, headquartered in Berlin, Germany has seven team members and is among 19 teams from 42 countries that are competing for their share of the multimillion dollar prize purse.


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  • June 24, 2009