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PickNik Robotics to Collaborate with Sierra Space on LEO Habitats and Long-Duration Missions
LIFE habitat cutaway (Credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

Collaboration Will Lead to Robotic Autonomy Solutions that Significantly Improve the Ability to Support Low Earth Orbit, Lunar and Deep Space Missions

Boulder, Colo., March 29, 2022 (Sierra Space PR) — PickNik Robotics, a leader in robotics software and engineering services, today announced that it is collaborating with the team at Sierra Space, a leading commercial space company with 1,100 employees, more than 500 missions and over 30 years of space flight heritage. The collaboration will explore implementation of robotic autonomy and controllability for autonomous maintenance of space habitat environments. 

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  • April 1, 2022
Sierra Nevada Selected by DoD to Design, Develop Unmanned Orbital Outpost Prototype
Orbital Outpost (Credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

Proposed Design Leverages Existing Commercial Tech to Achieve Savings in Cost, Schedule

SPARKS, Nev., July 14, 2020 (Sierra Nevada PR) – Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the global aerospace and national security leader owned by Eren and Fatih Ozmen, was awarded a contract to repurpose SNC’s Shooting Star transport vehicle as a proposed commercial solution for an Unmanned Orbital Outpost – essentially a scalable, autonomous space station for experiments and logistics demonstrations – by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). SNC’s Shooting Star transport vehicle serves as the core structure for the proposed design.

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  • July 14, 2020
Ozmens’ SNC Awarded NASA Contract to Support Artemis
Lunar Lander (Credit: Sierra Nevada Corporation)

SPARKS, Nev., November 18, 2019 (SNC PR) – Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the global aerospace and national security leader owned by Eren and Fatih Ozmen, has been awarded a NASA contract under the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) on-ramp procurement.  The contract positions SNC to support NASA’s Artemis lunar program.

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  • November 19, 2019