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Space Frontier Helps Sponsor SEDS Student Business Plan Competition

SEDS-LogoNyack, NY (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation is proud to announce its sponsorship of the SpaceVision 2013 conference and their Student Business Plan Competition (BPC).

SpaceVision is run by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), making the sponsorship a direct investment in the future of NewSpace. The Foundation strongly encourages anyone interested in NewSpace to attend the conference, and see what the next generation of great NewSpace innovators and businessmen are up to.


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  • October 31, 2013
Student NewSpace Business Plan Competition Set for November

SEDS-LogoStudent NewSpace Business Plan Competition
SpaceVision 2013 Conference
November 8, 2013
Tempe, AZ

The Student NewSpace Business Plan Competition seeks out proposals for space industry or space-scalable businesses from students who would like to pitch their idea to NewSpace investors and business leaders. This competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students from any university or college and more than one team is allowed from each university.


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  • September 9, 2013