University of Tokyo Spin-off Pale Blue to Exhibit Propulsion Technology at Small Satellite Conference

3 satellites equipped with Pale Blue’s thrusters. (Credit: Pale Blue)
  • Pale Blue Inc. (“Pale Blue”) will exhibit at the Small Satellite Conference 2022 (August 6 – 11 at Utah State University)
  • Dr. Asakawa (CEO) will speak at the technical presentation, held on Wednesday, August 10th
  • Pale Blue (booth number 49) will showcase water-based hybrid thruster for small satellites planned for the world-first space demonstration

LOGAN, Utah — Pale Blue will showcase a 100kg-satellite mockup equipped with the water resistojet for the first time. Furthermore, this exhibit will feature the world’s first Multiple Water Propulsion Systems, which is scheduled to be demonstrated in space for the first time by JAXA’s Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration-3 by March 2023, and the Water Resistojet for small satellites that features high thrust.