Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021

Credit: Space Tech Analytics

LONDON, September 7, 2021 (Space Tech Analytics PR) — SpaceTech Analytics – in cooperation with Aging Analytics Agency and FemTech Analytics, subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group – releases a joint, open-access, 65-page report – Space Medicine and Human Longevity in Space Q3 2021 – summarising key observations in the SpaceTech ecosystem, a rapidly evolving and exponentially growing industry. Here, we have assembled information about key industry trends and created a comprehensive database of more than 70+ Space Medicine-related private companies, 70+ leading investors, and 60+ R&D Centres and Associations. This report contains information about major directions in Space Medicine: astronauts’ health risks as well as women’s health in space; age-related biomarkers; some approaches of risk mitigation; and the main trends in this area that help to improve astronauts’ health and make their rehabilitation more effective.


JAXA Aims to Lead World in Lunar Frontier Medicine

mukaiThe JAXA website has a lengthy interview with astronaut Chiaki Mukai, who is manager of the agency’s Space Biomedical Research Office.  She talks in depth about the current state of Japanese space medical research, how it will use the newly installed Kibo module aboard the International Space Station, and her nation’s aim to be the leader in the area of lunar frontier medicine. (more…)