0-G Launch and Global Aviation Ventures Sign Agreement on Joining Forces for Zero-Gravity Flights and Horizontal Air-Launch Services

Parabolic aircraft (Credit: 0-G Launch)

Agreement Signed to Procure, License and Operate a Fleet of Specially-Modified Zero-Gravity Flight Aircraft, as well as Providing Air-Launch Services for the Space and Defense Industries. 

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 3rd, 2022 (0-G Launch) — 0-G Launch, a Washington DC-based provider of the Space Jet™ aircraft for microgravity services and horizontal rocket air-launch, and Global Aviation Ventures (GAV), a firm with extensive expertise in the growth, development, funding and exit of startups in the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors, announce the signature of their agreement to join forces on deploying a global fleet of specialized aircraft to provide much-needed services to the fast-growing Space economy, which is slated to grow into a $1 trillion industry within the next decade.


0-G Launch and Canary Islands Aeronautic and Aerospace Cluster Sign Agreement for Zero-Gravity Flight Services and Horizontal Air-Launch of Rockets

Space Jet (Credit: 0-G Launch)

Agreement Signed to Conduct Yearly Consumer Zero-Gravity Parabolic Flights from the Canary Islands, as well as Future Orbital Rocket Air-Launches of Satellites for the NewSpace Industry.

MADRID, Oct. 27, 2021 (0-G Launch PR) — 0-G Launch, an innovative Washington DC-based provider of the Space Jet™ horizontal rocket air-launch and microgravity service aircraft, and the Canary Islands Aeronautic and Aerospace Cluster -CAAC, an international center of excellence dedicated to promoting companies in the aeronautical-aerospace sector in the archipelago, today announced the signature of an agreement to initiate consumer zero-gravity parabolic flights from the islands in 2023.


0-G Launch and Exos Aerospace Sign Air-Launch Services Agreement

Exos Aerospace and 0-G Launch to pursue commercial air-launch

GREENVILLE, TX, USA, September 7, 2021 (Exos Aerpspace PR) — As part of a strategic collaboration to meet the fast-growing demand for responsive and economical access to low-Earth-orbit (LEO), 0-G Launch and Exos Aerospace agree to use the innovative Space Jet ™ as a commercial air-launch platform for small orbital rocket deliveries targeting initial launches in Q4 2023.

Exos Aerospace, a U.S. leading developer and operator of reusable Space vehicles, and 0-G Launch, an innovative provider of multi-vehicle air-launch platforms and high-precision microgravity services, today announced that they have signed an agreement for a series of air-launch missions aboard the Space Jet ™ to begin at the end of 2023.