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NASA Embraces Social Networking


NASA, Booz Allen Hamilton find treasure in social networking
Computer World

“Explore these [social networking] technologies because the Gen Y kids are probably right,” says Chris Howard, vice president and research directory for the Burton Group. If history is any indication, social networking could become the next instant messaging, which grew from a teen-girl chat service into a core element of corporate unified communication systems.“You have to focus on the business value and de-emphasize the cool factor,” Howard said Thursday at the annual Burton Group Catalyst Conference.


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  • August 2, 2009
Virgin Galactic Signs Social Networking Deal

Virgin Galactic has become the latest company to embrace social networking, signing a deal with introNetworks. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company will build a system to connect customers who have signed up suborbital flights aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle. “Since our inception five years ago, we’ve created smart social networks for companies of varying sizes and personalities, but always within the confines of our planet,” introNetworks CEO Mark Sylvester said […]

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  • July 6, 2008