BlackSky Demonstrates Growth and Scalability with Planned Launch of Additional Satellites

BlackSky’s constellation of imaging smallsats enables persistent monitoring of the global supply chain. In this example, BlackSky’s satellites captured the Port of Los Angeles during the ongoing, historic level of congestion. Additionally, BlackSky’s satellites imaged ships waiting at anchorage outside the port and Spectra AI aggregated recent news reports and other data elements to enable real-time monitoring and inform critical decision making, with timely alerts, as conditions change. Through BlackSky’s Spectra platform, customers can monitor the world’s economic activity all from the comfort of home. (Credit: BlackSky)

HERNDON, Va. (BlackSky PR) — BlackSky, a leading provider of real-time geospatial intelligence and global monitoring services that recently announced a planned business combination with Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: SFTW), today revealed it expects to launch two satellites on Rocket Lab’s twentieth mission, “Running Out of Toes.” The launch, which is scheduled to take place no earlier than May 15, 2021, will deploy BlackSky’s eighth and ninth Earth observation satellites.

“BlackSky is expanding and scaling through a regular cadence of launches so we can consistently increase capacity to deliver first-to-know insights for our customers,” said Brian E. O’Toole, CEO of BlackSky. “Our established practice of rapid deployments and advanced commissioning process ensures customers can trust and rely on our network for access to real-time global intelligence.”


Spaceflight Inc. Readies the Next of Four Dedicated Electron Launches for BlackSky

By providing a mix of both traditional rideshare and dedicated options, launch services provider delivers maximum flexibility for BlackSky’s growing constellation

SEATTLE, May 4, 2021 (Spaceflight Inc.) — Global launch services provider Spaceflight Inc. recently secured four dedicated Rocket Lab launches on behalf of its customer, BlackSky, a leading provider of real-time geospatial intelligence and global monitoring services. Spaceflight will provide the integration and launch services for eight BlackSky smallsats across four dedicated Electron missions throughout 2021. The agreement also includes options for an additional two dedicated missions on Electron in Q4 2021.

The first of these four dedicated missions is scheduled to launch in May 2021 from Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand. The mission, called “Running Out of Toes” by Rocket Lab and “RL-7” by Spaceflight to signify its seventh mission with Rocket Lab, will carry two 55-kilogram class BlackSky smallsats to low Earth orbit. The following three dedicated launches under contract will each take two more BlackSky satellites, furthering BlackSky’s goal to launch nine satellites in 2021.