Norwegian Company Working on Ocean Launched Rocket

And now from Norway, the latest entry into the Great 21st Century Rocket RaceTM, the Sea Serpent. Featuring an aerospike engine, the booster will be launched from the ocean after being towed out by a tug boat.

The company announced last week it had received a grant from Innovation Norway, a government agency that funds startups. The company expects to begin test flights of the booster in the first quarter of 2017, with commercial flights following in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The information below is taken from Ripple’s website.

Sea Serpent Version 1 Performance Facts

3.35 MT LEO SSE-258KM orbit. Standalone. Non reusable.

2MT LEO – First Stage Reusable (Delta-V performance allowing for re entry of second stage). Amount of mass allows for customer customization to reach different celestial targets as necessary for satellite deployment.

640kg GTO. SSE. Non-reusable. Potential first stage reusability through testing.

As a first variation model of this particular launch system, whose promises of reusability are better emphasized with the larger launch vehicle variants,, we are aiming to prove reusability and providing that option for customers now in limited form.

Due to how this launch system is built, we leave it up to the customer on whether reusability or non reusability is gauged to meet their missions success.


  • Projected cost $18 Million USD. $4090/lb. $9000/Kilogram
  • Possible to split payloads
  • Example configuration: 8 cylindrical payload spacing. 550lbs each (249kg). $2,249,500/ 249kg payload space.

Technical Details

  • Aerospike engine
  • Thrust (vac) 1111 kN
  • Thrust (SL) 916.3 kN
  • LH2/LO2
  • O/F = 5.5