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SpaceWorks Latest Cargo Return Demo Offers Promise
Guided parafoil technology provided autonomous control of SpaceWorks’ RED-4U Prototype Capsule’s final descent from a test held in Madras, Oregon. (Credit: SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc.)

ATLANTA (SpaceWorks PR) – Built to provide a lower-cost option for returning products and experiments from space, SpaceWorks® future RED-4U capsules will serve a vital role in the round-trip space transportation network. In the latest round of testing on October 19th, Atlanta-based SpaceWorks built a prototype of its RED-4U capsule to simulate a portion of the final leg of orbital re-entry, where the capsule fell from near space (20 miles) and landed softly and safely at the test site in Madras, Oregon. The company has been developing its novel line of re-entry devices (RED) for the past four years. This high-altitude drop test was partially funded through NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program and was recently featured on NASA’s website. It is SpaceWorks’ latest step towards fielding a full cargo return capability.

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  • November 7, 2021
SpaceWorks to Conduct High-Altitude Drop Test of Space Station Small Payload Return Capsule
Credit: SpaceWorks

ATLANTA, July 22, 2021 (SpaceWorks PR) – SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc (SEI), along with Earthly Dynamics LLC (EDC) and Aerial Delivery Solutions LLC (ADS), will attempt to autonomously land SEI’s RED-4U Capsule within specified range of a target after release from an altitude of 100k ft. This test will be the latest in a steady progression to advance SpaceWorks’ product line of Reentry Device (RED) capsules, including the RED-25 and RED-4U, that provide on-demand downmass capabilities from Earth orbit. The mission, designated Suborbital Test Vehicle 2 (STV-2), is funded through NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program.

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  • July 23, 2021
SpaceWorks Validates Autonomous Precision Landing Re-entry Capsule
Suborbital Test Vehicle #2 landing (Credit: SpaceWorks)

ATLANTA, Georgia, January 26th 2021 – SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI), along with its partners Earthly Dynamics, LLC (EDC) and Aerial Delivery Solutions, LLC (ADS), has validated autonomous and precision landing of a space-based payload return capsule through a series of successful low-altitude drop tests. The tests in Dunnellon, Florida on November 19th are the latest in a steady progression to develop SpaceWorks’ product line of entry capsules, including the RED-25 and RED-4U that provide on-demand and low-cost downmass capabilities from Earth orbit.

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  • January 31, 2021