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“Raptor Aerospace”
Norfolk Company Blasting into the New Space Race

A UK parliamentary debate on Thursday afternoon highlighted some of the exciting developments underway in the UK space sector. During a speech by Duncan Baker MP, a reference was made to government support being provided to a number of different UK launch sites, explaining that such support will only return value if there are launch vehicles available and interested in launching from UK soil.

NORFOLK, England (Raptor Aerospace PR) — A space engineering company based in rural Norfolk is currently building a new generation of rockets intended to fuel a revolution in low-cost access to space. The focus from Raptor Aerospace is on reforming the suborbital spaceflight market by providing short-duration access to space environments.

This kind of space access has traditionally been used by scientific researchers in order to collect data and carry out experiments in space. Raptor plan to enable a new responsive, local and cost-effective approach to this market, as well as additionally supporting the ‘newspace’ surge as part of the supply chain for the high-growth area of small satellite manufacture and testing.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • February 10, 2021