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Space Florida, Israel Innovation Authority Announce Ninth-Round Winners of Innovation Partner Funding

EXPLORATION PARK, Fla., and JERUSALEM, Israel, June 27, 2022 (Space Florida PR) – Space Florida, the aerospace and spaceport development authority for the State of Florida, and the Israel Innovation Authority, an independent, publicly-funded agency created to address the needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems, are pleased to announce the ninth-round winners of industrial research and development funding tied to the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program.

In October 2013, Florida and Israel established a $2 million recurring joint fund to support research, development, and commercialization of aerospace and technology projects that benefit both Israel and Florida. For this Call for Projects, 11 qualified joint proposals were submitted by teams of for-profit companies in Florida and Israel. Five teams have been selected for this ninth round of awards.


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  • June 27, 2022
Arqit Quantum Reports First Quarter Operating Loss of $14.3 Million

Generated $12.3 million of revenue and other operating income in the first half of fiscal year 2022

LONDON (Arqit Quantum PR) — Arqit Quantum Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQQ, ARQQW) (“Arqit”), a global leader in quantum encryption technology, today announced its operational and financial results for the first half of its fiscal year ending (“FYE”) 30 September 2022.

Recent Operational Highlights

  • Signed an enterprise licence with Virgin Orbit for QuantumCloud™ to protect its launch and space solutions businesses, which we delivered on and recognised revenue in the first half of FYE 2022.
  • Signed an enterprise licence with AUCloud, Australia’s sovereign cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider, for QuantumCloud™ to provide quantum encryption services, which we delivered on and recognised revenue in the first half of FYE 2022.
  • Delivered against milestones under a contract with the European Space Agency as part of its Advanced Research Telecommunications Systems program, and recognised project revenue in the first half of FYE 2022.
  • Demonstrated and announced significant progress in integrating QuantumCloud™ software with the security products of a major enterprise grade vendor.
  • Announced that Arqit and Blue Mesh Solutions Limited, a UK-based sensors and Internet of Things (“IoT”) specialist, successfully completed and demonstrated a quantum secure data communications service for industrial IoT. The demonstration was associated with the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (“DCMS”) 5G Trials and Testbeds programme. Arqit previously announced it is also working with DCMS on a program to secure a new wideband solution for 5G cellular Open RAN platforms.
  • Signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Air Force’s Research Laboratory to prove viable quantum encryption services from a commercial platform to US Department of Defense infrastructure for the US Air Force and wider Department of Defense use cases.
  • QuantumCloud™ release 1.1 launched in the first half of FYE 2022. The advancement of QuantumCloud™ makes Arqit’s symmetric key encryption agreement service more easily accessible to customers.
  • An additional 145 patent claims on 5 patents were filed in the first half of FYE 2022, bringing Arqit’s total to 1,580 patent claims on 26 patents filed or granted in the UK. Innovations continue in all elements of Arqit’s tech stack with the objectives of simplifying the tech stack, further enhancing security and reducing cost.
  • Made significant senior sales organisation hires in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe, expanding geographic footprint and enhancing industry relationships.
  • Commissioned a report which has been summarised publicly that confirmed the results of an academic review of Arqit’s security proof conducted by the University of Surrey, which is recognised as an Academic Centre for Excellence in Cyber Security Research by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre. The report confirms that Arqit’s symmetric key agreement technology generates encryption keys which are zero trust and computationally secure and describes it as “a significant advance in secure communications”.

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  • June 2, 2022
Space Station to Host ‘Self-Healing’ Quantum Communications Tech Demo
SEAQUE will be hosted on the International Space Station by the Nanoracks Bishop airlock. The blue-and-gold brackets attached to the side of the airlock are for external payloads. The technology demonstration will be installed at one of those sites. (Credit: NASA)

The NASA-funded experiment will test two technologies that could eventually enable quantum computers to communicate with each other no matter where they are located.

PASADENA, Calif. (NASA PR) — A tiny experiment launching to the International Space Station later this year could set the stage for a future global quantum network. Called the Space Entanglement and Annealing QUantum Experiment (or SEAQUE), the milk-carton-size technology demonstration will test two communications technologies in the harsh environment of space.


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  • March 8, 2022
Virgin Orbit and Arqit Expand Launch Agreements Ahead of Merger Vote

Virgin Orbit and Arqit Quantum announce an extension to their collaboration that will accelerate space-based encryption services to private, defense, and intelligence customers globally.

  • Arqit has contracted exclusively with Virgin Orbit for Arqit’s launch needs for up to 5 launches from Spaceport Cornwall beginning in 2023.
  • Virgin Orbit has acquired a quantum cloud encryption license from Arqit to provide encryption protection for its launch and space solutions businesses.
  • The two companies have previously announced a $5 million investment from Virgin Orbit into Arqit’s SPAC.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (Virgin Orbit PR) — Virgin Orbit, the responsive launch and space solutions company that has announced a planned business combination with NextGen Acquisition Corp. II (“NextGen”) (NASDAQ: NGCA), has signed a new launch contract covering two dedicated launches for Arqit Quantum, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARQQ), a global leader in quantum encryption technology, plus additional commitments. The two Arqit satellites delivered to Earth orbit by Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne air-launched system will be the core component of Arqit’s Platform-as-a-Service, delivering the root source of randomness to all Arqit data centres using Arqit’s ground breaking Quantum protocol ARQ19.


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  • December 23, 2021
Seraphim Completes Investment in Arqit Quantum

LONDON (Seraphim Space PR) — Further to its announcement on 7 September 2021, Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc (LSE: SSIT), the world’s first listed fund focused on Space Tech, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the holding of Arqit Quantum Inc. (“Arqit”) from the Seraphim Space LP ( ” Seraphim Space Fund “) .

As set out in the IPO prospectus, Seraphim Space will acquire four assets from the Seraphim Space Fund for newly issued ordinary shares in the Company. This acquisition represents the second of those transactions to complete.

Arqit is a leader in quantum encryption technology designed to eliminate the threat of cyber-attack and data theft. The business has a unique quantum encryption Platform-as-a-Service which makes the communications links of any networked device secure against current and future forms of attack – even from a quantum computer.  On 7 September, Arqit completed its proposed merger with Centricus Acquisition Corp. The combined company has been renamed Arqit Quantum Inc. and its shares have commenced trading on NASDAQ under the new ticker symbol “ARQQ” for Arqit common stock.


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  • September 23, 2021
Arqit and Northrop Grumman in the UK Sign Quantum Encryption Collaboration Agreement

LONDON (Arqit PR) — Arqit, the quantum encryption company, has signed a collaboration agreement with Northrop Grumman in the UK. Through the collaboration, Arqit, which is developing end-to-end quantum encryption using satellite distribution, will work with Northrop Grumman to develop and understand this novel technology for potential use in defence and national security settings.

The collaboration work programme has already begun in order to assess technological possibilities. The next phase of the collaboration agreement is to assess technical performance on project applications, to be agreed to as early as next month.


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  • June 14, 2021
International Partners and Government Agencies Join Arqit’s Federated Quantum System

The Federated Quantum System developed and launched in the UK with support from the UK Space Agency

CORNWALL, UK, 11 June 2021 (Arqit PR) – Arqit Limited (“Arqit”), a leader in quantum encryption technology, has today announced at the G7 Leaders Conference in Cornwall, that it has formed an international consortium of companies and government organisations to provide its quantum encryption technology to government customers in a federated system concept, called Federated Quantum System (FQS). The UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Italy, Belgium, and Austria are now represented.

Arqit invented a system which uses satellites to distribute quantum keys to data centres. These keys are delivered using a new patented protocol called ARQ19, which solves the “Global versus Trustless” problem which previously prevented the adoption of Satellite Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Arqit further invented a method, called QuantumCloud™ to translate the benefits of this quantum key distribution to any form of endpoint or cloud machine without the need for any special hardware. The first version of QuantumCloudTM launches for live service to commercial customers in 2021.


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  • June 13, 2021
Virgin Orbit to Launch Quantum Encryption Satellites for Arqit
LauncherOne ignites after being dropped from Cosmic Girl. (Credit: Virgin Orbit)

LONG BEACH, Calif. (Virgin Orbit PR) — Virgin Orbit, the California-based responsive launch company, today announced it has been selected by UK-based Arqit Limited, a leader in quantum encryption technology, to conduct two launches to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) beginning in 2023.

Arqit has pioneered a unique quantum encryption technology, QuantumCloud™, which makes the communications links of any networked device secure against current and future forms of hacking — even an attack from a quantum computer. Currently, Arqit’s system delivers an unlimited number of encryption keys using terrestrial communications systems, but by incorporating satellites, Arqit can further enhance the system.


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  • May 15, 2021