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“Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate”
US Air Force Teams with Boom Supersonic for Government Executive Flight Program Exploration
Overture supersonic passenger jet (Credit: Boom Supersonic)

DENVER, Sept. 8, 2020 (Boom Supersonic PR) – Boom Supersonic, an aerospace company building the world’s fastest commercial airliner, today announced that the company has been awarded a contract by the Air Force under its program meant to help fund innovations with future Air Force applications.

The contract will fund explorations of an Overture configuration designed for Air Force executive transport. The Department of Defense and the Air Force manage all air transport for executive branch top leadership, including Air Force One.

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  • September 9, 2020
Hermeus Wins Air Force Investment After Demonstrating Mach 5 Engine
Mach 5 aircraft (Credit: Hermeus Corporation)

ATLANTA (Hermeus Corporation PR) — Hermeus Corporation, the aerospace company developing Mach 5 commercial aircraft, has partnered with the U.S. Air Force and the Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate to work toward hypersonic travel for the Department of Defense.  This award comes under an Other Transaction For Prototype Agreement Direct to Phase II contract through AFWERX after Hermeus successfully tested a Mach 5 engine prototype in February 2020.

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  • August 7, 2020