Bigelow Begins Space Station Life Support Human Rating Tests

Bigelow space station interior view.

Oct. 19, 2010

Bigelow Aerospace LLC, LasVegas, NV, has begun the process of human rating its Environmental Control and Life Support System. The contained volume humans in the loop testing is in preparation for the 2015 launch of Sundancer – an expandable module approximately 27ft long, 22ft in diameter, with an internal volume of 180m3 and supports a crew of three. When completed, the process will have demonstrated the life support system’s ability to safely support a crew of three persons for extended durations.


ORBITEC Announces New Round of Funding


Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC) announced today that it is poised for commercial expansion and rapid growth after completing major commitments for both equity and debt capital. A combination of committed equity sales and a debt agreement from Johnson Bank of Madison, WI provides a significant portion of the $11MM capital base planned for ORBITEC to expand new products to markets with only $2MM in equity offering remaining.