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Orbital Transports Announces SmallSats Contest

CHICAGO (Orbital Transports PR) — Satellite technology has quickly changed the world, but more recently the industry has lacked the creative ideas to propel the use of small satellites into the future. The SmallSats Contest is looking for your unique idea to turn into reality.

Your Idea Brought to Life Start to Finish

Technology Investor and Entrepreneur Peter Wokwicz is teaming up with Orbital Transports to offer you the opportunity to launch your best idea into space. The SmallSats Contest is offering a $10,000 prize, a public announcement, and if desired the opportunity to be involved in the design, build, launch, and operation of a small satellite.

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  • January 2, 2022
Exo-Space to Fly Vision-1 Image Processor on Orbital Transports Get Spaceborne Mission
xo-Space image processor integrated into 3U CubeSat. (Credit: Exo-Space)

LOS ANGELES (Exo-Space PR) — Exo-Space announced an agreement with Orbital Transports to demonstrate their Vision-1 image analysis data processing unit on a Get Spaceborne™ rideshare mission in low Earth orbit (LEO). The Vision-1 image processor executes novel machine vision algorithms to detect and classify objects and structures within the field of view of on-board imaging systems. Rather than sending large sets of raw data down to ground stations, the Vision-1 processes images directly from an onboard camera and sends down only the relevant information, reducing downlink costs and improving response times to observable events.

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  • August 15, 2021
Modularity Space and Orbital Transports Create Reusable Space Ecosystem

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., July 12, 2021 (Modularity Space PR) – Modularity Space and Orbital Transports announced a partnership to create a reusable ecosystem of suppliers, manufacturers, and rideshare opportunities for payloads. By combining mission planning and supply chain management services provided by Orbital Transports with reusable spacecraft engineering from Modularity Space, the companies can offer affordable opportunities for payloads to get to orbit with a full turn-key mission package. The combined service provides an easy on-ramp to space for payload types ranging from technology demonstration and qualification missions to full constellation-scale deployments.

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  • July 19, 2021
Orbital Transports, SpaceBridge Logistics Partner to Offer a Complete Space Mission Solution

By combining launch services with complete mission design, build, and operations, SpaceBridge Logistics and Orbital Transports allow customers to focus on their data.

LOGAN, Utah, August 05, 2019 (Orbital Transports/SpaceBridge Logistics PR) — Today, at the Small Satellite Conference, Orbital Transports, Inc. and SpaceBridge Logistics, Inc. announced their partnership to deliver an integrated and streamlined suite of mission design, build, launch, and operations services to anyone flying small satellite missions.

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  • August 5, 2019