SSC Appoints Nick Priborsky and Nathalie Fortier New Presidents of Satellite Management Services and Engineering Services

SOLNA, Sweden (SSC PR) — Swedish Space Corporation has appointed two new Presidents of divisions to be part of the company’s executive committee. Nick Priborsky, currently the President of Engineering Services, will take over as new President of Satellite Management Services, SaMS.

Meanwhile, long-time SSC colleague Nathalie Fortier replaces Nick as the President of Engineering Services, leaving her current role as the Head of Business Development. Both will start their new positions from July 1st.

“It’s with much pleasure that I’m welcoming Nathalie and Nick to their new roles in SSC, although their faces are very much familiar to most of us at SSC from their many years within the company. Over their years with SSC, both Nick and Nathalie have gathered extensive knowledge and understanding of this company which will be of great value in their new roles,” says Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of SSC.