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TerraPulse Launches World’s First 10-Meter Resolution Global Forest Monitoring Platform
Forest cover/loss in the western Sierra Nevada, California (USA): The terraPulse tree canopy cover map (2021) is displayed in green and forest losses between 2017-2021 are in shades of red. The forest loss shown can be attributed to two large fires: the Camp Fire (153,336 acres, November 8-25 2018) and the North Complex Fire (318,935 acres, August 17-December 3, 2020). The Camp Fire was the costliest disaster of 2018, causing $16.65 billion in property damage, 52,000 evacuations, and 85 deaths. (Credit: terraPulse)

Unprecedented Detail Enables Monitoring of Natural Capital, Participation in Carbon Markets

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8, 2022 (TerraPulse PR) — TerraPulse, Inc., the green technology startup that introduced the world’s first high-resolution satellite map of global tree canopy cover in 2013, today announced the company has again broken the record for resolution in global mapping. 

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  • February 10, 2022