Astranis Space Technologies Signs Contract with SpaceX for Dedicated Multi-Satellite Launch in 2023

Artist’s rendering of the dedicated launch of four Astranis MicroGEO satellites. (Credit: Astranis Space Technologies)

Falcon 9 to launch four Astranis MicroGEO satellites into service simultaneously as a dedicated launch, bringing affordable broadband access to millions sooner than with a shared ride.

SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) — Astranis Space Technologies Corp. has signed a contract with SpaceX for a dedicated Falcon 9 launch to put four Astranis MicroGEO communications satellites into service in 2023.


Micro-geostationary Satellite Enters Design Phase

PARIS (ESA PR) — A small but powerful European telecommunications satellite – the first of a series – is to be developed under a contract signed between ESA and SWISSto12, an innovative company based in Renens, Switzerland.

The MicroGEO Partnership Project is part of ESA’s efforts to support fast, dynamic and agile private space firms to foster innovation and promote the competitiveness of the European space industry.

The slimline satellite will be placed into geostationary orbit some 36,000 kilometres above the Earth, from where it will stream data or broadcast television. Measuring just one cubic metre, the MicroGEO satellite will be one tenth the size of conventional geostationary satellites.


Andesat and Astranis Sign Landmark Two-satellite Agreement to Expand Broadband Access in Peru

Artist’s concept of twin Astranis satellites providing service from GEO. (Credit: Astranis)

First-ever communications satellite dedicated to serving Peru will provide broadband internet access to roughly three million people for the very first time

SAN FRANCISCO (Astranis PR) — Astranis announced today it has signed an agreement to provide broadband capacity with Astranis MicroGEO communications satellites to Grupo Andesat (Andesat), a cellular services backhaul provider that connects cell towers in Peru to the internet backbone, in a new partnership that will bring broadband internet access to thousands of rural communities across Peru for the first time.


Anuvu Announces High Performance MicroGEO Satellite Constellation in Partnership with Astranis

  • Anuvu Announces High Performance MicroGEO Satellite Constellation
  • Partnership with Astranis delivers a new approach to satellite connectivity for mobility markets

LOS ANGELES., July 27, 2021 (Anuvu PR) — Anuvu, the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for demanding worldwide mobility markets, will launch the first Anuvu Constellation in partnership with next-generation satellite manufacturer Astranis. Anuvu and Silicon Valley-based Astranis are targeting launch for the first two MicroGEO High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in early 2023, with six more to follow.