Commercial Space Updates for April 7

Armadillo Aerospace

Armadillo has put together an interesting video gallery of its test flights.

John Carmack provides an update on the company’s work and his candid thoughts about XCOR, Virgin Galactic, Rocketplane Global and other Armadillo competitors in an April 2 blog entry.

Masten Space Systems

The company’s blog has an update on its testing of the XA-0.1 engine with a video.


Team LunaTrex reports on efforts to fund its entry in the Google Lunar X Prize in a blog post titled, “Creative Funding.”

Space Careers

Jeff Foust examines a potentially booming career path in an article titled, So You Want to be a Rocket Pilot, over at The Space Review. Sure, it sounds exciting, but will it be as boring as flying the San Jose to Burbank shuttle?


Ken Murphy has an essay over at Out of the Cradle on how future lunar colonists might make the barren moon bloom with greenhouses.