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ISPCS: Bob Bigelow on the Competition With China

Robert Bigelow

Bob Bigelow — I’ll be somewhat controversial today — that got applause…

Space business is about to change….a new gunslinger in town, he’s not American, and he’s aiming at Solar System monopoly….he’s started to play the game, but we’re not even aware it’s happening…

In about 15 years, that game will end…

America has become weaker, not stronger, over the last 20 years….we will spend the next five years trying to recover from the recession…Are we weaker than we were in 1969, how close are we to being relegated to the number 2 position in the world across the board…

Who will be in the charge as the dominant force? China

Permanent problems

  • enormous cost of entitlements
  • overly generous retirement system
  • poor results of education program
  • pathetic lack of skills, honesty and ability in our government
  • NASA is a shadow of what it used to be in 1960’s


  • Parabolic Arc
  • October 19, 2011