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Report: Rules on Informed Consent of Space Tourists Need to Be Clarified

Regulations for informing space tourists about the risks they face on suborbital flights need to be clarified, according to a report presented to the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Council.

The review, done by A-P-T Research, Inc., notes that there is uncertainty over whether waivers signed by tourists would cover the inherent risks of space tourism and protect space tourism companies from being sued for negligence.


  • Parabolic Arc
  • November 9, 2008
Florida Considering Zero Liability Law for Space Tourism Companies

Jeff Foust over at Space Politics reports that the Florida Legislature is considering a zero liability law that would cover space tourist launched. The law, similar to one that Virginia passed, provides immunity to space companies for injuries or deaths as long as they get an “informed consent” agreement from tourists. The exceptions are gross negligence or intentional harm. Foust has more on his blog here. You can also read […]

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  • February 28, 2008
The Rights Stuff: A Primer on Space Law

The Boston Globe has an interesting interview with Rosanna Sattler, the new chairwoman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Space Enteprise Council. Sattler, who heads the space law practice at the Boston firm Posternak Blankstein & Lund, discusses the complexities of the legal regime for space, including space diving and Virgin Galactic’s suborbital tourism plans.

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  • February 17, 2008