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U.S. Rocket Propulsion Company Ursa Major Announces New Engine to Displace Now Unavailable Russian-Made Propulsion Sources

Available for Order Now, “Arroway” is a 200,000-Pound Thrust Reusable Liquid Oxygen and Methane Staged Combustion Engine for Medium and Heavy Launch

Rendering of Ursa Major’s Heavy Launch “Arroway” Rocket Engine (Image Credit: Ursa Major)

DENVER  (Ursa Major PR) — Ursa Major, America’s only privately funded company that focuses solely on rocket propulsion, today introduced the latest in its line of engines. Arroway is a 200,000-pound thrust liquid oxygen and methane staged combustion engine that will serve markets including current U.S. national security missions, commercial satellite launches, orbital space stations, and future missions not yet conceived. The reusable Arroway engine is available for order now, slated for initial hot-fire testing in 2023, and delivery in 2025.

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  • June 2, 2022
Stratolaunch to Test Rocket Engine Technology at NASA Stennis

Stratolaunch carrier aircraft (Credit: Dylan Schwartz)

Stratolaunch will test rocket engine technology next year at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi under agreements with the space agency.

Paul Allen’s company signed two agreements with NASA: an umbrella Space Act Agreement laying out the terms of cooperation, and an annex under with Stratolaunch will pay $5.1 million to the space agency to use the E1 facility at Stennis for engine tests.


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  • November 17, 2017