Parabolas: ISS, India, China and More

Some updates on human spaceflight from around the web (and the world)….

ISS to Double Crew Size: Aviation Week

“NASA and its partners on the International Space Station (ISS) are in final preparations for the shift from a full-time crew of three to a crew of six on the orbiting laboratory, beginning with the STS-124 space shuttle mission upcoming in June.”

ISRO To Seek Human Spaceflight Funding: Aviation Week

“The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) soon will ask the Indian government to approve a human spaceflight mission by 2014-15 at a projected cost of $2.5 billion.”

Rube Goldberg Was a Piker: Rocketsandsuch Blog

This insider blog reports on the NASA’s latest plan to deal with oscillations in its Ares rocket. Is “hare-brained” a compliment?

China Checks Out Relay Satellite: Aviation Week

“China is beginning the geosynchronous orbit checkout of its first relay satellite to increase communications coverage for manned Shenzhou spacecraft.”

British Perspectives on Human Spaceflight: The Space Review

The British once ruled the seven seas, presiding over an empire upon which the sun never set. Now, it doesn’t even send humans into space. Jeff Foust examines whether that will soon change.

Thales Alenia Space’s Answer to EADS Astrium’s Space Jet: Hyperbola Blog

Rob Coppinger looks at an Italian lifting body concept that could send astronauts and tourists into space. It’s got a really cool para-glider landing system.

Point-to-point suborbital transportation: sounds good on paper, but…: The Space Review

David Hoerr takes a look at the feasibility of taking a shortcut through space in order to fly from London to Sydney. Anyone remember the flying car?