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“Get Spaceborne mission”
Exo-Space to Fly Vision-1 Image Processor on Orbital Transports Get Spaceborne Mission
xo-Space image processor integrated into 3U CubeSat. (Credit: Exo-Space)

LOS ANGELES (Exo-Space PR) — Exo-Space announced an agreement with Orbital Transports to demonstrate their Vision-1 image analysis data processing unit on a Get Spaceborne™ rideshare mission in low Earth orbit (LEO). The Vision-1 image processor executes novel machine vision algorithms to detect and classify objects and structures within the field of view of on-board imaging systems. Rather than sending large sets of raw data down to ground stations, the Vision-1 processes images directly from an onboard camera and sends down only the relevant information, reducing downlink costs and improving response times to observable events.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • August 15, 2021