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Trading Space: ESA Bolsters European Business
A successful first stock trade in space, celebrated by ESA’s Rolf Densing and CEO of flatexDEGIRO, Frank Niehage. (Credit: Martin Joppen

DARMSTADT, Germany (ESA PR) — Yesterday, ESA’s orbiting laboratory, OPS-SAT, hosted the first-ever stock trade in space. The successful experiment required developers at Europe’s leading online broker flatexDEGIRO to think far outside of the box and adapt their software to the technical demands and constrained bandwidth found on an orbiting platform at 500 km altitude.

The experiment provided a unique opportunity to test how to improve the reliability, storage efficiency, communication and security of financial transactions, some of the fundamental requirements for any trading business aiming to compete on a global stage.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • October 4, 2021