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“Flacon 9”
Five Launches Scheduled Over Three Days

Things are about to get very busy, with four American launches and a Russian one planned over a three-day period beginning on Sunday, Sept. 27. Here’s the schedule as it stands now. Schedule subject to change without notice. Wagering strictly under penalty of law. Sunday, September 27 Launch Vehicle: Delta IV HeavyPayload: NROL-44 reconnaissance satelliteTime: 12:10 a.m. EDT (1610 GMT)Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.Webcast: Launch Vehicle: Falcon […]

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  • September 25, 2020
Original Firefly Shareholders Sue Firefly’s Markusic, Polyakov Alleging Fraud
Tom Markusic

by Douglas Messier
Managing Editor

A group of original shareholders in the defunct Firefly Space Systems have accused co-founder and CEO Tom Markusic of fraudulently conspiring with Ukrainian billionaire Maxym Polyakov to force the rocket company into bankruptcy in 2017 and reconstitute it under a nearly identical name without giving them any stake in the new venture.

Markusic “betrayed the trust of his original co-founders and investors and committed fraud to cut them out of his aerospace company. Instead of managing the operations of the Original Firefly, a revolutionary rocket company with endless potential, Markusic schemed with…Maxym Polyakov…to rob Plaintiffs of their investments and form a new company called Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (the ‘New Firefly’),” the plaintiffs said in a lawsuit.

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  • December 17, 2019