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“European Conference of Posts and Telecommunications”
Study Assesses the Use of Several C-Band Sub-frequencies by Satellite Networks
Credit: Euroconsult

Leading global strategy consulting and market intelligence firm, Euroconsult, has warned that future satellite capacity for global communication and television services could become more restricted by the end of the decade.

Paris, Washington D.C., Montreal, Yokohama, Sydney, 7th June (Euroconsult PR) – A new report has explored the current and future supply and use of the extended C-Band, the planned C-Band and the 7025-7075 Mhz Band for satellite services (available in full on the Euroconsult website). It has considered for each band the uplink and downlink frequencies, including the frequency bands 3400-3700 and 6425-6725 MHz (‘extended C-band’), 4500-4800 and 6725-7025 MHz (‘planned C-band’) and 7025-7075 MHz.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • June 8, 2022