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Armadillo Wins Nod over XCOR on Engines, DKNY Racer Completes Test Flights

Rocket Racing League’s Engine Switch Leaves Questions

“A growing fleet of rocket-powered racers will fly with a liquid oxygen and alcohol engine developed by Armadillo Aerospace, instead of an XCOR Aerospace design used during the Rocket Racing League’s public debut earlier this summer…

“When we feel the XCOR engines meet our standards of safety, reliability, reusability, and performance for a rocket racer, then we may bring them back into the league,” Rocket Racing League co-founder and CEO Granger Whitelaw told last week.”

Rocket Racing League Completes Successful Flight Test Campaign at Oklahoma Spaceport
Press Release

The Rocket Racing League announces the successful results of the first seven test flights of the Bridenstine DKNY Rocket Racer conducted at the Oklahoma Spaceport (OKSP), a leading facility specializing in horizontal take-off and landing of Reusable Launch Vehicles, in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.


  • Parabolic Arc
  • September 14, 2008