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“Desert and Dead Sea R&D”
Israeli Researchers Work to Develop System to Supply Oxygen, Food and Water to Lunar & Martian Bases
Food supply and life-sustaining oxygen production are among the major challenges in distant space colonies in the future. (Credit: D Mitriy)

The study, led by researchers from Bar-Ilan and supported by the Israel Space Agency, uses microorganisms adapted to the Dead Sea and the Arava.

TEL AVIV (Israel Space Agency PR) — One of the challenges facing manned missions in outer space, such as those planned by NASA for the Moon and Mars, is the supply of food and oxygen production for subsistence. Researchers are developing, with the assistance of the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Science, an unique system that will provide oxygen, food and water for staff to use in manned remote space stations. At the same time, the system will be used to recycle carbon dioxide (CO2) and human waste, in a resource-limited environment.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • July 27, 2021