Exodus Orbitals Graduates from Moonshot Space Incubator Program

Exodus Orbitals, a Canadian startup developing an innovative “satellites-as-a-service” platform, is one of five recent graduates from Australia’s first space-focused incubator program — Moonshot.

TORONTO, August 10, 2021 (Exodus Orbitals PR)  — Having successfully graduated from the 12-week Moonshot program, Exodus Orbitals are aiming to make space exploration more accessible for businesses across a wide range of sectors. They are building an ambitious solution for the challenges of the space industry, offering a way for customers to run their software payloads on a shared “satellite-as-a-service” platform.

With Exodus Orbitals, businesses will no longer have to pay the price of a full satellite mission, instead saving money and time by booking time, sharing hardware and running their applications directly on the satellite on-board computer. This groundbreaking approach dramatically lowers cost for businesses and allows almost instant access for hundreds of application cases in Earth Observation, Communication and Surveillance domains.