Are Celebritynaut Lovebirds Katy Perry, Russell Brand About to Auger In? Updated

Katy Perry (Credit: Nikotransmission)

It looks as though Virgin Galactic celebritynauts Katy Perry and Russell Brand may be ready to pull the old ejection ring on their 14-month old marriage.

[Update: It’s official! Brand has filed for divorce citing….wait for it….irreconcilable differences. Another showbiz marriage you thought would last forever and ever torn asunder.]

Media reports indicate the couple, set to fly together into space aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart after a massive argument that saw the formerly happy couple lobbing the proverbial f-word at one another. (And we’re not talking “frankfurter”.)

Perry, 27, took off for the Hawaiian island of Kauai (which, I can personally attest, is lovely this time of year), while her British funnyman husband, 36, spent the holidays at a far less tropical seaside town of Cornwall, England.


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Celebritynaut Files: The “Who Shot J.R.?” Edition

Back in 1980, beleaguered Americans beset by high unemployment, severe inflation, and the hapless Carter Administration had but one question on their minds: Who Shot J.R.?

Yes, dastardly John Ross Ewing Jr. — the oil baron America loved to hate — had been shot by an unknown assailant on the final episode of Dallas‘ 1979-80 season. The March 21 cliffhanger caused an immediate global sensation. Vendors did a boffo business selling “Who Shot J.R.?” t-shirts. Betting parlors worldwide too bets on who dun it. Republicans claimed that a Democrat did it. Star Larry Hagman held out for more money while a writer’s strike delayed the new season well into the fall. The excitement even reached Turkey, where members of Parliament suspended their legislative session so they could get home in time to watch the big reveal.

Finally, on Nov. 21, 1980, a record audience of 83 million Americans watched spellbound as the shooter was revealed. And the culprit was….I’m not going to reveal it now. Not before the break.  But, I can tell you that it may have been the character played by the actress who is the subject of our second installment of “Meet the Celebritynauts”.

Yes, today’s Celebritynaut is…


Oscar Losers to Get Free Virgin Galactic Tickets — NOT!

VSS Enterprise drops from WhiteKnightTwo. (Credit: Clay Observatory)

CORRECTION: says this story is false. “I can confirm that there was a model of the VG spaceship given to the Oscar VIPs, not a flight,” Virgin Galactic president and CEO George Whitesides told today (Feb. 28).

The New York Post reports that Oscar losers will not be going home empty handed:

The infamous “consolation prize” swag bag — presented by Distinctive Assets the morning after the Oscars to all nominees who don’t win — will include the following trinkets at these estimated retail values:

* $200,000: An orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic (allowing nominees to be among the first to fly the friendly skies of space — kind of).

Read the full story.

Celebritynaut Update: Victoria’s Secret Angels Discuss Space Plans

Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr

This just in from the In Case You Were Wondering Department….

Former N’Sync member Lance Bass is still eager to go into space seven years after his efforts to fly aboard a Russian Soyuz fell through. “I’m a trained astronaut, and it’s my time to go,” he declared.