Frontier Development Lab Sets 2020 Challenges

The Frontier Development Lab (FDL) applies artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to space science to push the frontiers of research and develop new tools to help solve some of the biggest challenges that humanity faces. FDL is a public-private partnership with NASA in the USA and ESA in Europe.


Note that this list is still provisional and while most challenges detailed here are confirmed to go ahead, some may be adapted or moved to 2021 based on capacity.


Long duration missions and cancer: A testbed for building causal inference methods

Can we use causal inference methods to understand the molecular basis of cancer in high radiation environments, such as a long duration stay on the Moon or Mars?


Update on NASA Glenn Cancer Concerns has a couple of updates on concerns about possible excessive cancer rates in one of the buildings at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

NASA Defends Workplace Safety Amid Cancer Rate Claim

April 11

“NASA Glenn Director Woodrow Whitlow said the agency has no data that supports the union’s claim. He spoke at a news conference Friday on the third floor of the Development Engineering Building, which the union says is unsafe for workers.”

Alleged NASA Cancer Problem May Have Existed For Years
April 15

“The retirees are telling me — and these are even some management officials — that there were concerns way back to the 80’s and there were never any answers provided,” said Virginia Cantwell, president of IFPTE Local 28.