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NASA Fosters Innovative Ways to Understand Biodiversity
Drawing on data from multiple satellite missions (not all collected at the same time), a team of NASA scientists and graphic artists created layers of global data for everything from the land surface, to polar sea ice, to the light reflected by the chlorophyll in the billions of microscopic plants that grow in the ocean. (Credits: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Reto Stöckli)

HAMPTON, Va. (NASA PR) — The Yellow-billed Cuckoo has soft brown wings, a white belly, a long tail with black and white spots, and is running out of places to live. The cuckoo’s population in its native breeding range in the eastern United States has declined in recent decades due to urbanization, heat waves and other factors. Climate change will likely further reduce its suitable habitat.

  • Parabolic Arc
  • June 4, 2020