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Hayabusa2 Program Wins Two Prestigious Awards

The award for Hayabusa2. Project Manager Tsuda (far left) received the award. (Credit: Hayabusa2 Project)

TOKYO (JAXA PR) — The Hayabusa2 Project has received awards from the Aviation Week Network and the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences.


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  • May 22, 2019
AvWeek’s Person of the Year: Space Entrepreneurs

Person Of The Year: The Space Entrepreneur
Aviation Week

Working quietly in the background since the days of viewgraphs, a group of space entrepreneurs has long been pitching far-fetched ideas to skeptical moneymen with the fervor of evangelists. Now their viewgraphs—updated to Powerpoint and CAD/CAM—are becoming reality, and metal and fire are streaking through the upper atmosphere into low Earth orbit.


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  • January 4, 2010
More Major Media Retreating on Space Journalism….

A sign of the sad economic times we live in… Long-time space correspondent Miles O’Brien is leaving CNN as the U.S.-based cable network shuts down its science, space, environment and technology unit. Miles has covered NASA and many shuttle launches. This decision follows Aviation Week’s decision to close down its Cape Canaveral bureau and to lay off veteran space journalists Craig  Couvalt and Dave Hughes. All I can say is: Good […]

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  • December 3, 2008