Diamandis Wows Crowd at WAI Conference; Announces Plans for New Zero-G Program

X-Prize creator Peter Diamandis recently spoke at the Women in Aviation International Conference. Aero-News.net’s correspondent Aleta Vinas has an account of the speech in which Diamandis recounted his efforts at fostering private space flight and his plans for the future.

During the talk, Diamandis announced plans to create a new program to inspire female students to pursue careers in aerospace. Five hundred of the top female high school or junior high school students would experience micro-gravity aboard the Zero-G aircraft. Diamandis co-founded the company.

Alan Boyle also has an interesting interview with Diamandis this week over at Cosmic Log. Diamandis talks about his plans for the Automotive X Prize and competitions in other areas. He also gives a heart-felt tribute to his friend and mentor, Arthur C. Clarke, who recently passed away.