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“ARM resistojets”
Aliena and OrbAstro Announce Service Agreement for In-Orbit Demonstration Mission of Propulsion System on 12U Satellite

Agreement between international newspace pioneers will pilot a cutting-edge smallsat propulsion system.

SINGAPORE, September 23, 2021 (Aliena PTE PR) — Aliena PTE Ltd (Aliena), a satellite propulsion provider, has signed a contract with Orbital Astronautics Ltd (OrbAstro), a satellite and in-orbit service provider, to fly its AA Multi-modal all-electric AOCS propulsion system onboard an OrbAstro ORB-12 (12U-class satellite) scheduled for launch in September 2022. The ORB-12 Strider mission will host a variety of payloads for in-orbit testing and demonstration purposes, of which the Aliena-Aurora (AA) propulsion system will be primary. 

Aliena has developed a multi-modal attitude and orbit control system (AOCS) with partners from Finland, Aurora Propulsion Technologies. Sharing a common back-end architecture for the propellant, electronic control, and fluidics, the propulsion segment will comprise of Aliena’s MUlti-Staged Ignition Compact (MUSIC) Hall thruster, and Aurora’s ARM resistojets.  

  • Parabolic Arc
  • September 22, 2021