Look Out, Cape Canaveral! Here’s Comes Mexico

As the United States struggles to rebuild a commercial launch sector that has been largely decimated by cheaper – and ITAR free – overseas competition, another low-cost spaceport is rising in its own backyard:

The headquarters of the Mexican Space Agency will be built in the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo thanks to an investment of $120 million made public on Tuesday by Gov. Felix Gonzalez Canto.

The Space Center will be built in Chetumal, the state capital, on the border with Belize and Guatemala. At the site will be a launch pad, a runway, an underwater training unit and the space museum.


Mexico to Build Spaceport, Forges Ties With Russia

Some interesting news coming out of Mexico about plans by the nation’s new space agency, Aexa, to build an equatorial satellite launch complex:

The facility will be located in the southern state of Quintana Roo on the border with Belize, said state planning minister Jose Alberto Alonso Ovando. The location was chosen after extensive studies in part because of its proximity to the Equator, he said in an interview.