Canadian Aerospace Review’s Recommendations

The Aerospace Review report contains two volumes: Volume 1: Beyond the Horizon: Canada’s Interests and Future in Aerospace and Volume 2: Reaching Higher: Canada’s Interests and Future in Space.

The Space volume notes that Canada was a pioneer in space, and that Canada’s national interest demands that the country make effective use of space to unlock wealth, protect the environment and the population, and deliver services. This will be truer more than ever as the North opens and space technologies advance.


Putin Vows Heavy Investment in Aerospace

Putin pledges major state investment in Russian aerospace sector
RIA Novosti

The Russian government will heavily invest in the development of the country’s aerospace industry, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.


U.S.-Turkish Space Cooperation Potentially Fruitful

Over at Commercial Space Gateway, Richard Mains has some thoughts on current and future U.S.-Turkish cooperation in space:

Turkish-Americans from the U.S (and American-owned enterprises) and their science, technology and business counterparts in Turkey have opportunities to collaborate on the high-priority areas identified by “Vision 2023” and their commercialization.


AIA Releases Annual Aerospace Report


The 56th edition of Aerospace Facts and Figures, a comprehensive statistical yearbook of the U.S. aerospace industry, is now available.

Compiled by AIA’s Aerospace Research Center, the book contains tables and analysis summarizing aerospace industry activity through 2007.  Estimates for certain series for 2008 and 2009 are also provided, as well as historical data on aircraft production, missile and space programs, air transportation, research and development, foreign trade, employment and finance.


Aerospace Industry to Grow at More Modest Rate in ’09

Aerospace Industries Association Press Release

The aerospace industry is showing resiliency in trying economic times, ending 2008 with modest growth and continued strength in important areas like foreign trade balance and employment, AIA announced Wednesday.

While the industry has not been immune to effects from the ongoing global financial crisis, it is showing relative strength, AIA president and CEO Marion Blakey said during the annual AIA Year-End Review and Forecast.