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SpaceX to Kick off 2023 Launch Campaign with Transporter Rideshare Mission on Tuesday

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 2, 2023
Falcon 9 Transporter mission liftoff (Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX will kick off its 2023 campaign on Tuesday by launching 114 satellites on its Transporter-6 rideshare mission. The Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to liftoff at 9:56  a.m. EST (14:56 UTC) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

Transporter 6 — Top Payloads

Planet LabsSuperDoveEarth observation36
Swarm Technologies (SpaceX owned)SpaceBEECommunications12
SkykraftSkykraftAir traffic management6*
Spire GlobalLemur-2Meteorology, ship & aircraft tracking6
AstrocastAstrocastInternet of Things4
SenEarthTVEarth observation – UHD streaming4
Kleos SpaceKSF3Navigation4
ICEYEICEYEEarth observation3
Albania government/SatellogicAlbania-1, -2Earth observation2
D-OrbitION SCV-007, -008CubeSat deployer2
Lynk GlobalLynk Tower 3, 4Communications2
Royal NLR++/TNO^/FFI**MilSpace-2 1, -2 2Tech demo2
SatellogicÑuSat 34, 35Earth observation2
Umbra LabUmbra-05, -06Earth observation2
+Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
*5 satellites and Skykraft satellite deployer
++Royal Netherlands Space Centre
^Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
**Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

SpaceX has launched 436 payloads on five previous Transporter missions. Like on the upcoming launch, all satellites have been placed in sun-synchronous orbits. (See Who Launched What on SpaceX’s Five Transporter Missions.)

SpaceX launched 61 times without a failure in 2022. Elon Musk has said the company is aiming for 100 launches this year. At least one launch will be the Starship/Super Heavy flight test from south Texas.

Scheduled Orbital Launches
Jan. 2-9, 2022

DateLauncher – OrganizationPayload – OrganizationPurpose(s)Launch Site
Jan. 3Falcon 9 – SpaceX114 satellites – multipleMultipleCape Canaveral
Jan. 8Falcon 9 – SpaceX40 OneWeb – OneWebBroadbandKennedy
Jan. 9Long March 7A – CASCShijian 23 – CASTTech demoWenchang
Jan. 9-13RS1 – ABL SpaceVariSat-1A, 1B – VariSatCommunicationsPSC – Alaska

On Jan. 8, a Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch 40 OneWeb broadband satellites from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It’s the second of three launches OneWeb booked with SpaceX after the company’s contract to launch on Soyuz rockets in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February.

ABL Space will attempt to launch its RS1 rocket on its maiden flight from the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska after multiple unsuccessful attempts last year. The launch window is open from Jan. 9-13.

A Chinese Long March 7A is scheduled to launch the Shijian 23 technology demonstration satellite aboard a Long March 7A on Jan. 9.

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