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Scheduled Launches for the Rest of October

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
October 17, 2022
GSLV Mk. III lifts off with GSAT-29 satellite. (Credit: ISRO)

Planned launches for the last two weeks of October include the first Falcon Heavy launch in three years, a Chinese space station module, a Russian resupply mission to the International Space Station, and possibly Virgin Orbit’s “Start Me Up” mission from Spaceport Cornwall in England.

There have been 15 orbital launches thus far in October and 140 launches worldwide through Sunday. Here’s what is currently on tap for the rest of the month. As always, the schedule is subject to change without notice. And, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times, no wagering.

Scheduled Launches
October 2022

DateLauncher – OrganizationPayload – OrganizationPurposeLaunch Site
Oct. 20Falcon 9 — SpaceX54 Starlink — SpaceXBroadbandCape Canaveral
Oct. 21Soyuz-2.1b – RoscosmosGonets-M 23, 24, 25, Skif-D — RoscosmosCommunicationsVostochny
Oct. 22GSLV Mk III — ISRO*36 OneWeb — OneWebBroadbandSatish Dhawan
Oct. 26Soyuz-2.1a — RoscosmosProgress MS-21 — RoscosmosISS resupplyBaikonur
Oct. 31Long March 5B — CASC^Mengtian — CMSA+Space station moduleWenchang
Oct. 31Falcon Heavy — SpaceXUSSF-44 — U.S. Space ForceVarious (see below)Kennedy
TBALauncherOne — Virgin OrbitRideshare — Various (see below)Various (see below)Cornwall
* Indian Space Research Organisation
^ China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.
+ China Manned Space Agency
Source: Wikipedia

Falcon Heavy
USSF-44 Mission

  • LDPE-2 — U.S. Space Force — Geosynchronous space tug
  • LINUSS Chase (LINUS-A1) — Lockheed Martin Space — Geosynchronous satellite servicing technology demonstration
  • LINUSS RSO (LINUS-A2) — Lockheed Martin Space– Geosynchronous satellite servicing technology demonstration
  • United States — TETRA-1 — U.S. Space Force — Geosynchronous technology demonstration

“Start Me Up” Mission

  • Aman — ETCO (Oman) — Earth observation
  • CIRCE A, B — Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (UK)/U.S. Naval Research Laboratory — Ionospheric research
  • DOVER — RHEA Group — Technology demonstration
  • ForgeStar-0 — Space Forge — Technology demonstration
  • IOD-3 Amber — Satellite Applications Catapult — Maritime domain awareness
  • Prometheus 2A, 2B — UK Ministry of Defence/National Reconnaissance Office — Technology demonstration
  • STORK-6 — SatRevolution — Earth observation

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