USAF and USSF Award Space Micro Contract for V-Band SSPA Technology

SAN DIEGO, October 11, 2022 (Space Micro PR) — The U.S. Air Force (USAF) and Space Force (USSF) have awarded Space Micro, powered by Voyager Space, a contract to further develop higher frequency V-Band SATCOM for Software Defined Radios (SDRs) to include Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs). This technology is of import for defense-focused, space-based, orbital platforms, especially those operating in the increasingly congested radio frequencies of S-, X- and Ka-Bands. 

Under the contract, “W/V-Band Agile Fighting SATCOM,” Space Micro and its university partner, Arizona State University, will develop V-Band SSPAs for SDRs that provide higher bandwidth while operating in a less-crowded frequency range and with fewer frequency allocation issues. 

Research and development of V-Band SATCOM was recently funded by USAF’s AFWERX program, which identifies and funds technologies that address current and future national security challenges and that optimize the performance of the U.S. space fleet for future orbital communication and reconnaissance missions.

“Space Micro’s R&D team is pleased to work directly with USSF-SSC on this new SATCOM capability which will enhance the agility and resilience of our nation’s space communications,” said David Strobel, Space Micro Executive Chairman.

Space Micro also plans to offer V-band SSPAs to industry as a standard product on two configurations:

  • A standard SSPA module in separate housing, and 
  • Integrated with Space Micro’s Nanocom™ SDRs as a V-Band digital slice

Space Micro is applying technologies derived from current Ka-Band Nanocom SDR programs to advance Department of Defense and Intelligence community priorities for space-based telecommunication and SATCOM. The Nanocom SDR is in full production and supporting multiple primes for Space Development Agency’s Transport Layer LEO satellite constellation.

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